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Comprehensive Eye Examination (瞳測測/眼睛體檢)

Hong Kong Eye Examination Services (瞳測測/眼睛體檢) for Children and Adults

Eyes are our windows to the world and vision is more important than any of our other senses.

A comprehensive eye examination (瞳測測/眼睛體檢) is crucial for identifying your visual needs as well as common diseases such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal problems. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, these diseases can permanently damage our vision. Early detection and pre-emptive action is especially important when it comes to children’s vision and ocular health. We can perform a regular children eye check in Hong Kong on your child to identify issues before they get worse, which could prevent the need for an intense lens prescription further down the line.

Comprehensive Eye Check (瞳測測/眼睛體檢) (approx. 45 min)

1. Case history
2. Refraction check
3. Intra-ocular pressure measurement
4. Binocular vision function test
5. Colour vision test
6. Ocular health and fundus examination
7. Consultation and recommendation

* Comprehensive eye examination report can be provided upon request (with additional charge)

Other tests

Based on your specific eye conditions, our optometrists will consider conducting the following tests for you:

Corneal topography
Visual field measurement
Glaucoma screening test

*We recommend adults to undergo an exam at least once a year. For children, an eye examination at our HK clinic is recommended every 6 months at a minimum, to monitor progress, check for conditions such as lazy eyes and ensure healthy development.

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