Ear Plugs

All ear-impression taking services are performed by qualified audiologist.

Swimming earplugs
For clients with perforated eardrum or recurrent ear infections, the use of swimming plugs for swimming or shower is advisable. Custom-made swimming earplugs can provide tight fit, remarkable durability and excellent ability to seal water out of the ear canal.

Sleeping Plugs
Custom-made sleeping plugs can help to attenuate environmental noise or snore sounds to enhance quality of sleep. Sleeping plugs are suitable for those who travel frequently, work on shifts, and who is very sensitive to snore or noise during sleep.

Noise protectors
Custom-made noise protectors with 3 types of filter can reduce different levels of noise to protect your hearing, while maintain the clarity of human speech in noisy environment. Noise protectors are ideal protection for clients such as pilots, bartenders and those who work in noisy environment.