Unitron Hearing Aids from Canada

Discover Next DX Platform

    • SoundCore
      • SoundNav 3.0 uses AI machine learning to simulate human-like abilities
      • Brand new features in DX platform:
        • Soft Speech Lift: ensure soft speech are easier to understand, without increasing soft environmental noise
        • Spectral Speech: increases the contrast between speech and noise to help clients better understand speech and emotions in complex listening situation
    • Great first fit impression- with 83% of new users were highly satisfied with the first sound experience
    • Made for all connectivity- Android and iOS
      • Phone calls to both ears
      • Binaural media streaming
    • My Music programs- multiple music programs to suit wearer’s music preferences

RIC: Moxi Move R

  • Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Bluetooth connectivity

BTE: Stride P R

  • Suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Rechargeable BTE
  • IP68
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Custom made: Insera

  • Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
  • In-the-ear hearing aids with MFA connectivity*
  • Hands-free binaural phone calls*
  • Direct media streaming*

*For In-the-canal hearing aids only