Prescribed by registered optometrists:

Must be examined and prescribed by registered optometrists.

Do not buy contact lenses from the Internet or fashion boutiques.

Keep your lenses clean:

Wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer and dry them with lint-free towel or tissue paper that do not dissolve, keep your fingertips dry before touching the lens.

Replace your lenses and lens solution regularly:

Dispose your lenses according to the specified period (daily / 2-weeks / monthly)

Do not share your contact lenses with anyone. Change your lens solution in the lens case every day.

Rub for 20 seconds:

Put a few drops of multipurpose lens solution on each side of your lenses, and then gently rub your lenses each side.

Rinse for 10 seconds:

Rinse each side of your lenses with multipurpose lens solution for 5 seconds to remove residue on their surface, and to add moisture to the lenses. After that, place your lenses into a lens case filled with multipurpose lens solution for disinfection.

Proper storage:

Place your contact lenses, lens solution and accessories in the dry environment.

Lens case must be cleaned regularly and kept dry.

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