All of us want to have perfect vision, however, we might experience physical changes in our eyes that reduce our lens accommodation, which may cause difficulties in seeing close objects.

If you experience the following symptoms, you might have presbyopia. We recommend you to seek advice from our optometrist.

- You struggle to see close objects and need to squeeze.

- You need some time to focus your eye when switching from far objects to close objects

- You have difficulties reading small print

- Your ideal reading distance gets farther and farther away

- You need more illumination when you read, and feel more difficult to read in dark environment

- You cannot look at close objects for a long time e.g.swollen or teary eyes, headaches and have other symptoms of vision fatigue easily

Ways to correct presbyopia:




Single lenses

- Wider field

- Easy to use

- Users can only read in certain distant and need to take off the glasses frequently

- Some users have to have several pairs of glasses for difference distances

Bifocal lenses

- Wider vision field than progressive lenses for short and long distances

- Less adaptive period

- There are visible lines on the lenses which make them less aesthetically appealing

- Only applicable to short and long distances, but not for midrange distance

Progressive lenses

- Convenient, as one pair of glasses can use for distant, near and intermedian distances

- There is no visible line on the lenses so it is visually more appealing

- There are optical aberrations on the sides of the lenses and adaptation time is needed

How to use progressive lenses:

- From stationery to movement, sit down and try to watch TV or read newspapers, and move around indoors when you are used to the glasses.

- From indoors to outdoors, wear the glasses in a familiar environment first, e.g. at home or in the office. Go out or drive only after adapted to the glasses. Pay attention and watch your steps on the streets, especially when going up/down stairs.

- Continuous wear, if you still experience discomfort after a week, you should take the glasses back to the store for examination.

- Professional adjustment, it is very important to adjust the frame, and changes in its position may cause discomfort. Please go back to the store to readjust your frame, or fine-tune its position to suit your needs if necessary.

In short, Presbyopia increases by 25 to 50 degrees every year on average. It could lower work efficiency and cause negative emotions if not addressed early. The progressive lens design provides correction for long, midrange and short distances, with increasing degrees from the top of the lenses to the bottom, so that clear vision can be achieved.
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