What is “Visible Blue Ray”?

“Visible Blue Rays” are visible light rays (light rays that can be detected by the human retina) with short wavelengths (380-500nm). Light rays with shorter wavelengths emit higher energy. People of all ages and professions are easily exposed to visible blue rays in the modern city life.

How do visible blue rays affect me?

City dwellers spend half or even more of their time on digital products every day. The screens of these products emit strong visible blue rays.

Visible blue rays have short wavelengths and hence higher penetrating power. They can pass through the front parts of the eye easier than other light rays, reaching the macula and may cause damages to macular structures.

In addition, the shorter wavelengths of visible blue rays disperse more inside the eye, causing discomfort and reducing image clarity and contrast.

Long-term use of digital products that emit visible blue rays will cause fatigue easily, reduce concentration, and may even cause blurred vision.

Blue Block Lenses are very suitable for office workers. It reduces visible blue rays that cause discomfort and increase image clarity and contrast. It also helps to prevent macular damages caused by excessive exposure to strong blue rays.

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