Caring tips for your glasses

- Cleaning your lenses, use microfiber cleaning cloths or disposable lens cleaning tissue paper to get rid of dust, fingerprints and stains without damaging the lenses. Do not use clothes or facial tissue paper to wipe lenses directly.

- Choose cases that fit, the size of your case should be appropriate for your glasses, prevent applying pressure caused by wear and tear the case. Always place your glasses with lenses facing up.

- Avoid scratches. do not put your glasses inside pockets to prevent small objects from scratching the surface of the lenses.

- Stay away from high temperature, keep your glasses away from hot water or high temperature to prevent the lenses from being damaged.

- Avoid corrosion, rinse immediately with fresh water if your glasses have been in contact with sweat, seawater or hot springs, as they may corrode and damage your lenses.

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