23 Nov 2020

For those NEW successful fitting of B&L ULTRA ONE DAY customers, you will be entitled to have 5 days trial with $50 ice cream coupons.  Extra $150 Supermarket Coupons free to those customers upon purchase of 2 boxes of B&L ULTRA ONE DAY contact lenses.

Trial Registration link:


Terms and Conditions:

1.           Promotion date is valid from now to 31 Jan, 2021.

2.           The offer is applicable to selected OPTICAL88 outlets in Hong Kong.

3.           5 days trial with $50 ice cream coupons are only applied to NEW customers of B&L ULTRA ONE DAY Contact Lenses (shortsightedness / farsightedness).

4.           The offer is only applied up to 2 different powers in a single purchase order.

5.           Advance Booking by phone or branch visit is required for Eye Examination.

6.           The offer is only eligible to those patients who has been conducted Eye Examination by Optical 88 Optometrists.

7.           Eye Examination Fee is sponsored by Bausch & Lomb (HK) Ltd in this promotion.

8.           Offer is non-refundable or exchange in cash.    

9.           For any disputes, Bausch & Lomb (HK) Ltd and OPTICAL 88 Limited reserve the rights of final decision.

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