Health Care Voucher

Part of the optometrists (Part I register) in OPTICAL 88 have registered the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme, and are eligible to provide the “Elderly Eye Examination” service for Hong Kong ID holders aged 65 or above, related service fee will be deducted directly from customer’s eHealth account.

“Elderly Eye Examination” includes:
1. Consultation and case history enquiry
2. Refraction examination
3. Ocular health examination
4. Amsler Grid eye test
5. Comprehensive vision assessment and specific recommendation

After the eye examination, our optometrists will refer customer to OPTICAL 88 Eyecare Center or doctors to follow up if necessary. Optometrists will also prescribe glasses for customer who is in need as well as those who need to renew the power for sight rectification, related fee will also be deducted from customer’s eHealth account.
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