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‘My Vision Profile by ZEISS’ - find your best lens solution

'My Vision Profile by ZEISS' is a free tool that will show you what challenges your eyes face every day and help our opticians to advise which lens solutions from ZEISS can help you to overcome them.

'My Vision Profile by ZEISS' is a vision analysis tool developed by ZEISS to determine your personal vision habits. The information from ‘My Vision Profile’ helps us understand your personal lifestyle results in a Vision Profile to help our optometrist to understand your visual habits based on your lifestyle. In combination with the results of your eye examination, you will find a ZEISS lens solution suited for your visual needs.

Check your Vision Profile now:

Why is your personal lifestyle and visual habits important to our optician?

It helps us understand your visual habits and challenges to find the best lens solution from ZEISS for you.

1. Digital Life

In recent years the emergence of new technologies and digital devices has changed our everyday personal and working lives dramatically. We spend an average of five hours viewing our smart devices every day. We look at our mobile phones an amazing 80 times a day. And this trend is accelerating. Our eyes are not made for digital life. Long-time reading on digital devices can cause eye strain and other problems. Also, electronic displays emit a disproportionately high amount of blue light which may pose a health risk and cause eye diseases.

2. Driving

The increased demands now being made on our eyes also extend to driving. Bad weather and poor light still pose a challenge ; the irritation caused by glare and the increased use of navigation systems in vehicles require our eyes to switch constantly from near to far and focus repeatedly on small information displays. This demands the utmost performance from our eyes, which - from the age of 30 onwards - may result in eye strain.

These technological advances are not only revolutionizing the way we live, but are subjecting our eyes to increasing stress - both at work and in our private lives.

Discover your individual vision habits

‘My Vision Profile ’ determines your visual requirements from the following spheres of life:

- Working world

- Daily activities

- Digital activities

- Mobility

- Leisure activities

This online analysis is free of charge.

After the analysis, you can visit OPTICAL 88 with your printout personal Vision Profile or QR code. The optometrist will test your vision and examine your eyes. With the results of ‘My Vision Profile’ and the eye examination, our optometrist will recommend the most suitable ZEISS lens solution for you.

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