Progressive Lens


A BEST-FIT progressive glasses offer clear and comfortable vision.

Progressive lenses has been the most popular solution for presbyopia (near vision problem). There are various brands of progressive lenses and each brand carries different lens designs. Customers may find it difficult to choose when facing so many different choices.  Moreover, progressive lenses users may also find their habitual glasses do not fulfil their visual requirements and this may lower work efficiency and life quality.

To have a pair of BEST-FIT progressive glasses, we need to pay attention to each of the following parts, i.e. choosing frames and lens designs; refraction, frame adjustment and wearing position measurement; correct usage and regular follow-ups.

OPTICAL 88 newly launched the free progressive lens telephone consultation service. Through one-on-one conversation, our progressive lens consultant will understand your problems and needs, suggest suitable solution for you.

Please register here for a free consultation with our progressive lens consultant:

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